Giulia Cirri


Giulia is a Consultant at Oxford Insights. Among her most recent projects, Giulia has worked with the University of Cambridge, conducting a literature and policy review of AI’s impact on the EU’s Horizon Missions and interviewing experts in 5 domain areas, with a keen focus on climate change interventions. In addition, she has experience undertaking business analysis work, completing business cases for the UK Government Digital Services and Citizens Advice, and has led the delivery of a return on investment piece for Movement to Work. She has also worked on the first edition of the Human-Centred Service Design Index.

Giulia highly values variety in her work, but her heart lies in net zero and climate change policy research. In particular, Giulia’s core interest is climate change policy at the urban level with attention to citizens’ engagement. 

Previously, Giulia has worked as an intern at the City Resilience Department of the Municipality of Milan, focused on building climate change adaptation and mitigation into the city’s policies.

Outside of work, Giulia is a huge musical theatre fan who loves hiking and listening to random podcasts. 

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