Open Contracting Partnership

Global Procurement Responses to Covid-19

We conducted a midterm evaluation of the Open Contracting Partnership’s Turning Resource Revenues Into Effective Services & Infrastructure project, which is funded by the BHP Foundation.

As part of this project, we examined how countries and cities publishing open contracting data handled emergency procurement during the 2020 coronavirus crisis.

In the report, we make recommendations for better emergency procurement that fall into the Open Contracting Partnership’s four impact areas:

  • improved service delivery;
  • better value for money;
  • increased public integrity;
  • increased business competition.

The report considers procurement in:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Argentina;
  • Australia;
  • Chile;
  • the City of Buenos Aires;
  • Colombia;
  • Honduras;
  • Nigeria;
  • Mexico;
  • Mexico City;
  • Nigeria;
  • the United Kingdom.

Global Procurement Responses to COVID-19

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