Evaluation of the Intel® AI for Youth Program

This report is an evaluation of the Intel® AI for Youth Program. To evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Intel® AI for Youth Program, we created comprehensive surveys targeting the four different user groups – students, lead coaches, coaches, and school administrators – who are most closely affected by the Intel® AI for Youth Program.

We collected a total of 522 responses from 9 countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Israel, Germany, Poland, and Canada. The evaluation survey was designed to answer four key questions:

What skills did the students acquire as a result of completing the course?

What impact will the skills acquired through the Intel® AI for Youth Program have for students?

How engaging is the Intel® AI for Youth curriculum?

How effective are the technology and infrastructure used to deliver the Intel® AI for Youth curriculum within schools?

Alongside this 2022 evaluation report, we produced a data dashboard that offers regional managers from Intel a deeper understanding of data in their areas.

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Dashboard Country Snapshot

Data from the Intel® AI For Youth Program feedback questionnaire responses from students was imported into a reporting dashboard.

The main indicators shown are:

  • overall satisfaction levels;

  • programme delivery methods (hybrid/ online/ in-person);

  • skill levels;

  • ratings related to content and outcomes; and

  • metrics that include the number of students represented (according to the selected filters), the number of schools participating from the selected region, and the gender ratio of participating students.

Below are the Dashboard Country Snapshots from seven out of the nine participating countries:

Intel AI for Youth Evaluation

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