Open Contracting Partnership

Evaluation of OCP’s programme: Translating Resource Revenues into Effective Public Infrastructure and Services

Thoughts from our client

“It’s been a pleasure working with you all these past months. Huge thanks again for the great work, thoughtful insights, and useful recommendations.”

—Carey Kluttz, OCP’s Director of Partnerships

The Challenge

Oxford Insights conducted the midterm and final evaluations for the ‘Translating resource revenues into effective services and infrastructure’ programme, to explore successes and potential improvements in this multimillion dollar, 5-year programme. We adopted a human-centred approach, navigating a number of sensitive topics across several cultural contexts, centring the perspectives of the people impacted by the programme. This included:

  • Over 100 interviews with OCP’s global partners;
  • Qualitative coding of interview trasncripts, and trend analysis;.
  • Reviewing evidence against the programme’s Theory of Change;
  • Recommendations for OCP’s internal team;
  • Ongoing blogposts documenting stories and progress;
  • A public summary report to share with partners, written in both English and Spanish.

For more details about the work, download our case study of the evaluations.

OCP’s Programme

The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) works around the world to transform public contracting in resource rich countries. OCP helps governments to publish data about procurement and how public money is spent, and then supports journalists and civil society in using this data to expose corruption and hold governments to account. The ‘Translating resource revenues into effective services and infrastructure’ programme ended in 2023.

OCP Evaluation Case Study

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