Organisation AI Readiness Assessment

Is your organisation ready for AI?

This free, online tool allows organisations to develop an understanding of how ready they are to implement AI. Our survey tool consists of a set of self-assessment questions separated into three pillars that draw from our Government AI Readiness Index: Governance and Management, Technology and Skills, and Data and Infrastructure.

Why did we create this tool?

AI is developing rapidly and many organisations don’t know where to start to try and make the most of the opportunities AI presents or how to mitigate any potential risks. This self-assessment tool provides organisations with a useful starting point. It will help surface areas of strength and weakness within an organisation, allowing those in charge to identify possible courses of action. Having already developed a framework for assessing AI readiness at the government level, we believe there is a distinct need to assess at more granular levels within the private sector and to facilitate organisations’ being AI ready. 

Who is it for? 

The tool is for organisations who are worried about the potential impacts of AI on their business and keen to better understand their relative position to implementing AI within their organisation. It is for organisations of all sizes with questions tailored to allow for a broad range of respondents. 

How does it work?

These questions take an organisation through the types of things that are important in ensuring that they are AI ready. Once you have submitted a response, we will share a tailored report via email summarising the raw data from the assessment alongside some brief analysis on how to move forward.

Why these three pillars?

The governance pillar assesses the foundational structures and policies necessary to guide AI initiatives within the organisation, focusing on:

– Clear AI strategy and roadmap

– Defined accountability and oversight

– Established ethical guidelines and transparency mechanisms

– Risk management for bias, privacy, and compliance


The technology & skills pillar evaluates the organisation’s technical capabilities and human resources readiness for AI implementation, including:

– Assessment of AI suitability and procurement procedures

– Dedicated team with AI expertise and continuous upskilling

– Agile methodologies and cross-functional collaboration

– Knowledge sharing and best practice documentation


The data & infrastructure pillar examines the organisation’s data management practices and technological infrastructure to support AI initiatives, addressing:

– Data collection, security, and privacy policies

– Mechanisms for data sharing and interoperability

– Assessment of scalability and performance of infrastructure

– Measures for cybersecurity protection